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This Dog was known  as "Multo in Parvo" meaning a lot of dog in a small space.

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St. Bernard 


 FOR PCCI ADDRESS:  Rm. A206 Hillcrest Condominium 1616 E. Rodriguez Sr. Blvd.,
Corner Hillcrest St., Cubao Q.C. Philippines
4124104 / 4124105

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1.)  African Wild Dog is an endangered  species, having been hunted to extinction by men because of its success as a predator.
2.)  For every flea on your pet, there may be 100 more in your house.
3.) The most popular pet worldwide is the domestic dog, Canis Familiaris.
4.) You can make sure
your lost pets' safe return by putting an license tag, ID tag, , microchip or tattoo on them.


MARCH 02, - Club: PSTC , Show Type: Specialty , Judge: Dr. Antonio Sison ,
 March 09-10 - PCCI , all- breed , Judge: Koishen (Taiwan)
 March 17,  -  BCPI , Boxer Special ,  Simon Sim , Fil, 1-5 pm,
 DKCI , B/B All breeds, Mario Magsaysay/Dr Pineda Filipino
 March 24, PRCI , B/B Breed ,  Mr. Tesoro / Mr. Mancilla Fil 8-12NN

APRIL  13, - PCCI, All breed , Judge: Windy Dines (NZ)
  April 14, - PCCI, All breed , Glynese Acreman (Aust)

SEPTEMBER  7,  - PCCI , All breed, Horst Kliebenstein (Sweden)
  Sept. 8, - PCCI , All breed, Judith Mcmurtie (Aust)

OCTOBER  19 - 20  -PCCI, AKU , All breed, Japanese

All show schedule are supplied by PCCI or the Club responsible for the Show. Dogph will not be responsible for any error or changes with the schedule posted above. For further details or inquiries you may contact PCCI or the Appropriate breed club.

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American Kennel Club (AKC) - dedicated to purebred dogs and responsible dog ownership.

Shih Tzu's by Jensen - breeder of AKC Shih Tzu puppies with tips on how to be a good dog breeder, a book on whelping puppies, whelping boxes, and photos of my Dam delivering her puppies.

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- All PCCI sanctioned dog shows require all exhibitors to bring an updated vaccination records for your entries.
Call PCCI for more details.
- Register your entry at least One (1) week before the scheduled show.

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